Runner Feedback

Randy M, MOAB

Thank you to everyone involved with the Huff to Bluff Marathon. Everyone involved in this race did an exceptional job. The communications to the runners was great, all the maps you guys prepared and posted on the website were very helpful. I knew just when those aid stations were coming up! And speaking of the aid stations, they were all fantastic, their enthusiasm was a big help in keeping all of the runners going! And to have my water bottles waiting for me at mile 9 and 17 was fantastic! This was the best organized race I had ever run in, you guys are the best. I will talk the race up here in Moab and get some Moab runners down to Blanding next May!

Justin C, Idaho

Thank you for putting on a great race. My family and I had a great time. Hope to comeback sometime soon. I'm jealous of all the beautiful scenery u see on a daily basis.

Lc D

It was a great race, loved the aid stations with all cheery faces, guy with the water truck was refreshing, great job everyone. :)

Jana B, Kanab, UT

You guys didn't skimp on any detail. Thanks for hosting such a great event. The volunteers were awesome! Hope to be back next year.

Pam L, Blanding, UT

I LOVED this race. By far my most favorite marathon. thanks to Ryan, Steve, Kim and all the awesome volunteers. It was fun to try and guess who would be at the next aid station. every runner had their own personal cheering section. it made the race go by so fast. I loved the water truck. A very pleasant surprise. Thanks to everyone who helped clean the highway. The course looked great.

Kirk H, Monticello, UT

What an awesome race!!! You guys thought about everything. I want to give a shout out to the volunteers!!! They did awesome. This was my first marathon and you made it such a great experience for me. Great job! Thanks to everyone that was involved in this race.

James L, Montezuma Creek, UT

Thanks for a great experience. Every detail was covered. It was my first marathon, and without this one, I am not sure when I would have ran one. Thanks for everything!

Michelle B, Texas

What a great race! Thanks Ryan and Steve and all the volunteers! The aid stations were wonderful, the water truck was a life saver. It was so nice to feel the support of the community, you don't get that in a large race. The run, particularly the finish, was stunning. P.S. Did anyone turn in an orphaned black arm-warmer?

Chuck Marathonjunkie Engle, Coos Bay, Oregon

Ryan, thanks for hosting this event. It was a great way to see some of the most beautiful scenery in Utah. The drive in and the run was spectacular. I am not sure how you lined up perfect weather, but thanks for that as well. See you next year.

Sara S

Thanks for a life changing experience in this run!!! I am forever grateful to you both for putting this on. I didn't get my back pack at the finish, is there someone I should contact to get a hold of that? Also, I gave somebody my sweater at the first aid station and they said they would take it to the finish for me with the other stuff... Who should I talk to? Thanks guys! :)

Joanne S

Wow! What an amazing experience I had running the H2B marathon! The organization was fantastic, the volunteers were amazing and a massage at the end!?! Unbelievable! I loved everything about the day and I set a new PR! Thank you to everyone involved with the race. I cannot imagine how much work went into it!

LeeAnn P

What an amazing thing to watch--so many locals running and being cheered on by locals at all the aid stations---it was a moving experience! And we loved seeing the out-of-towners and talking to their families who showed up along the way at the aid stations and hearing their personal stories! So inspiring! Thanks for letting the San Juan High School Class of 2012 at the "Friendly Island" (Mile #23) be a part of it!

Ernie G, Durango, CO

That was the best race ever!!!!! I cannot say enough good things about all the hard work that went into it!!!!!!!! Thank you to Ryan, and all the volunteers!!!!!!!! See you next year!

Tige H St. George, UT

Thanks Ryan/Steve and all the awesome volunteers, all those countless hours of preparation didn't go unnoticed! Im glad I got to be a part of it! You guys rock!

Greg B, Nebraska

A big thank you to everyone who worked on H2B. It was a great event!

Lana A

Thank you Ryan and Steve!! I can't say enough good things about this race!! LOVED IT.... absolutely one of my best race experiences!! Huff To Bluff Marathon=success!!! I'm glad I ran it, I'm glad it's OVER, I'm glad that EVERYTHING went my way, I couldn't have asked for more ideal circumstances today! I love everyone who helped at the aid station, you were like, AMAZING and AWESOME and the COOLEST people EVER!!! And when I say I LOVE YOU-I REALLY LOVE YOU! Oh and I love the guy in the water truck that sprayed me at mile 22ish???

ACTIVE.COM FEEDBACK tito2929 said:

Great first Marathon! Event was well organized with great support from the local populations of Blanding and Bluff. Aid stations were spaced well offering water, Gatorate, Oranges, even Goo. Course was challanging, glad we ran so early in the morning any later and heat would of been a factor. Overall it was a great first marathon experience I would run again!!

jprsquared said:

I loved this marathon! It was my first race, but after reading about other races I can tell that it was a great one to start with because of the limited number of racers, the supportive staff, and the thoughtful execution of the race. The staff and support crews were great and we received excellent treatment along the 26 miles. They thought of everything and I walked away ready to run a marathon again. The only hitch was the travel to get to Blanding, but it was definitely worth it in the end.

Raisor101 said:

The Race was AWESOME! It was very well put together. Pleanty of support, good wide running lanes, very minimal traffic for an open road race. They really thought of everything with this race from massages at the end (with professinal massase therapists and tables), to elite station pick-up points for all runners (not just elite), water trucks around mile 21 to cool you off, ice cold sponges the last few miles, vaseline, great food at the end of the race and the list goes on, and on, and on! I will run this race every year until my body can't run anymore!

redrockjan said:

I loved this event even though I pooped out and ended slower than I'd hoped. The overwhelming community support was so great. The course was well marked, I liked that the shoulder was mostly flat (no slope), well patrolled and really not too heavily trafficked. For a first year event, it was so well organized. I think Ryan and Steve did an outstanding job. If I do another marathon, I'll definitely choose this one! Great job everyone! said:

This was sure a treat to participate in an event with few numbers and great support. Start time: I liked the 6 am start time, which kept the race temp cool. Elite bottles: We had the opportunity to take food and fuel to pack pick up and would be ready for us at two aid stations. I was running along and was so pleased when I got to the aid station and my first bottle is handed to me, I had just what I wanted. Aid Stations: Even though the aid stations were not exactly 2 miles apart it was okay. Had it been hotter I think I would have noticed. What a pleasure not to have to fight for water fuel and the potties at the aid stations.... Running on the shoulder: Running entirely on the shoulder was not too bad. I did start to have some pain in my left leg perhaps from the slight drop in the shoulder. It did work out as I could find some relief. Traffic: The course was not closed, the traffic was not to bad, although some cars were going much faster than the limit for the race. There were cars following runners and giving support which they were told not to do. This led to some scary moments as friends and family would dart across the road. Volunteers and Aid: wow....they were great, so nice. End of race: there were sponges and aid stations and 24 and 25 miles which was very nice. Finish: the finish was great, good food, lots of support. My intention was to run this race to improve my qualifying time for Boston, which I did not do. I had a fast half marathon, but the rolling hills and long uphills slowed me down on the second half. Recommend: I would recommend for a nice race experience, I would not personally do better on this course say than st george for Boston Qualifying, because of the hills. Congrats on a great race. I hope you continue to get support and would love to see your race be successful.

jogster said:

Out of 28 marathons, I finally felt compelled to tell the race directors Ryan and Steve what a great job they did on this event. For an inaugural marathon, everything was extremely well organized and runner friendly. Sure, the second half had a few more hills than anticipated from the elevation map, but I was still able to get a PR and was only a minute and a half off my goal. Great finisher's medal and traffic control by local law enforcement (who even made sure all the reservation dogs were chained up). So in all, a fast course in a beautiful setting, very well organized, and really nice race directors and fellow runners. Looking forward to returning next year to a likely sold out event!

KimberlyGlover said:

Spectacular. Very well organized. Enthusiastic, accommodating race staff and volunteers.

Arkofages said:

It was a delightful time. My first marathon, but I can't see how it could have been more solicitous to our needs and more supportive to our effort. Though my calves froze up and I was obliged to cross the finish line in a hobble, the cheering was as enthusiastic as if I had sprinted the entire distance. The water and Gatorade were cold all along the road, all the volunteers were supportive and encouraging, the weather was perfect (have to thank Someone else for that) the sponges were a really nice touch, (although I thought their purpose was to wipe the GU stickiness off my hands, but it was exceedingly refreshing on my face, and the organization of the race was amazing, considering it was a first-time event. Will definitely do it again next year, and will recruit as many of my masochistic friends as I can.

Randy and Rachael said:

I have run in probably 20 races or so over the past several years and I can honestly say this race was the best organized runner friendly race I have ever participated in. The pre-race communications were thorough and complete, including maps showing exact locations of aid stations, and maps showing the start and finish areas. All very helpful. The aid stations were staffed with very friendly volunteers who cheered on all the runners. They aid stations were complete with water, gatorade, oranges, bananas, goo, and vaseline. One aid station even had sponges soaked in ice water to cool us down. Fantastic! And best of all, you could provide your own water bottles at check-in and they would hand them to you at mile markers 9 and 17. This was a great benefit to offer to the runners! Another really cool benefit for the runners was a water truck around mile 21 or so that sprayed runners with cool water. The water felt great! The course was safe with a very wide shoulder to run on. Traffic was very light, and was patrolled by both local and state police. I felt safe the entire time on the course. The course was very scenic with beautiful views all around. The finish area was great. All finishers names and hometowns were announced. Finisher medals were great, and there was plenty of food for everyone (including homemade cookies!). And the massages at the finish line were great. The race organizers and all the volunteers are to be commended for putting on an excellent race. I will certainly be back next year and will highly recommend to all my running friends.

d-glover said:

Fantastic event! This was my first marathon, so I have nothing to compare it to, but thought it was very well executed. Aid stations were perfectly spaced. Volunteers were enthusiastic and ready to help with whatever I needed. Registration and packet pick-up was easy. Race timing went without a hitch. The race started on time and food and goodies for runners at the recovery area (including free massage) were excellent. Local sponsors really showed support with the raffle prizes. The course was fun, scenic and challenging (the two steep descents - one midway through, the other right near the finish - were killer). Overall excellent event and will look forward to running again some time in the future!

Davidontrails4fun said:

This was a wondrously supported event! The Southern Utah communities played a tremendous role by providing well tended aid stations, enthusiastic volunteers and great raffle prizes for area attractions and hotel stays. (No, we didn't win any.) Blanding and the the San Juan Running Club must have a great tradition of promoting running because I overheard that there were 25 local runners out of the 80-something that ran. For a first year event in a rural area, I was surprised at the how efficiently it ran, even with details like having a morning shuttle bus, "elite" aid stations and electronic timing. No problems. The start went off on-time at 6a.m. with the Blanding community CANNON that shook the pavement. The course was safe and well monitored by law enforcement. The first few miles started on fresh asphalt and had smooth, wide shoulders for all but a few yards. This downhill section of Highway 191 helped me reach my goal but a steep down hill at the end was not a blessing on my tired quads. The awards started later than scheduled to accommodate a few racers out on the course. That was good form in my view. Standings were a little disorganized, but were in keeping with the family focus by including kids as announcers. I plan on returning to this event because of the foresight of the organizers, enthusiasm of the volunteers, beauty of the land and the cold dip in the San Juan river. FEEDBACK

Average Ratings: Course - Organization - Fans - Hometown Hospitality (about: 2011) Course: 4 Organization: 5 Fans: 4

P. S. from Jacksonville, Florida (5/24/11)

11-50 previous marathons | 1 Huff to Bluff Marathon I cannot say enough about the hometown hospitality of this race. The aid stations were well stocked and there were two elite stations for runners' favorite drinks and gels. The race directors made sure everyone felt special in this race. The shirts, medals and awards were unique. The post race food was great especially the chocolate milk. The town of Bluff made everyone feel welcome and I was surprised to see so many residents of Blanding and Bluff supporting the runners so early in the morning. I would recommend this race to anyone but make sure you look out for those hills in the second half of the race. Fantastic!!! (about: 2011) Course: 4 Organization: 5 Fans: 3 r. m. from st louis, mo (5/23/11) 50+ previous marathons | 1 Huff to Bluff Marathon This is by far, the BEST first time effort that I have ever experienced! Though a small marathon, they attended to every detail of a large one from the well organized pick up, pasta party, porta potties along the route, well stocked aid stations & a great finish with lots of food & a fun atmosphere. I hope the word will spread so that they meet their goal of 250 runners next year. This race is well worth the trip. Afterward, there are many beautiful sights to see in the area. Made me feel right at home (about: 2011) Course: 4 Organization: 5 Fans: 4

Brian Cole from Eastern Oregon (5/21/11)

11-50 previous marathons | 1 Huff to Bluff Marathon As a small-town guy, I truly appreciated everything that was done to make this a very professional marathon experience in a very rural part of our beautiful country. This marathon featured a nice personal touch, amazing volunteers, a true family experience, a beautiful course, amazing door prizes (way to go local merchants), and massages that were second to none!