Fequently Asked Questions


Can I switch from the marathon to the half-marathon, or vise versa?


Yes.  Just send me an e-mail at rheck@sanjuancc.org and I will make this change.  There will be no additional charge (or refund) for the change from the full to the 1/2.  You can “upsize” to the marathon for $20, payable at the time you pick up your race packet.


Can I get a refund of my registration fee?


No, since your fees have already been allocated to race expenses.  But I feel your pain, having been there a time or two myself.  So here is the policy.

·         You can defer your entry one year at no additional charge.

·         If you opt not to defer your entry, I can mail your race shirt if you are willing to cover the $5 postage fee.

·         You can transfer your entry to another runner provided you give me notice within 7 days of race day (see below for process.)


Can I transfer my entry to another runner?


Yes.  Just send me an e-mail with the runner’s name and contact information. I will then send him/her a registration form to complete.  No refunds will be issued so it will be up to you to work out the finances associated with the transfer.


What is the average temperature on race day?


The average high is in the low 70’s; the average low is in the mid 40’s.


Do you allow race day packet pick-up?


Yes.  Same day packet pick-up will be located at the starting line area of both races.  You will be able to board the shuttle busses without a race bib.


What kind of food is available at the end of the race?


The runner recovery area will have yogurt, ice cream bars, cookies, bread, pretzels, fruit, M&M’s, chocolate milk, soda and water.  Post race food is reserved for runners.  There are no food venders on site for family members but there is a convenience store and some restaurants in Bluff.


Are there any shuttles after the race?


No.  However in the past some runners have been able to arrange with local runners to catch a ride back to Blanding.  This has been done through the race Facebook page or during the spaghetti dinner on Friday night.  This is not an official service provided by the race but I’ll help as I can.


Is there a place I can take a shower after the race?


Bluff Elementary School (located about 100 feet from the finish line) has one shower runners have been allowed to use the past two years.  First come, first served.  Bring your own towel, shampoo and soap!


Is altitude an issue in this race?


The marathon starts at 6000 feet and ends at 4400 feet; the half marathon starts at 5200 and ends at 4400.   According to Bob Glover in The Competitive Runner’s Handbook, you can expect a 3-4% drop in aerobic capacity running at 6000 feet.   That said, I have talked with past runners who came from the mid-west who said they did not notice a big difference in their respiration or running times on this course.


Can my children run with me across the finish line?


Yes!  Your children are welcome to join you as you cross that line of victory.


When does race registration close?


You can register on-line through May 5th.  Registrations will be accepted in person through Friday, May 9th at 9:00 p.m.  The downloadable registration form is available on the registration tab of the website.


Where can my family and friends watch me on the course?


Except for 2 miles of the half marathon course, both race courses are open to traffic.  The traffic will be very light but caution is warranted.  In order to minimize the risks, we ask all spectators stop only at designated areas.  These are:



·         The first three miles of the course within Blanding City

·         White Mesa, UT at mile 13 – parking available at LDS chapel & White Mesa Travel Center (see map under Racer’s Guide tab)


Both courses:

·         At the base of White Mesa Hill at the junction of Highways 191 and 262  (see Half Marathon Starting Area map under Racer’s Guide tab).  This is mile 15 of the marathon and the half marathon start.  Parking is available in a graveled area just off Highway 262.

·         At Twin Rocks Restaurant & Trading Post in Bluff, Utah (see finish area map on Racer’s Guide tab.)


For the safety of all involved, we ask spectators not stop at other locations to cheer or provide aid.