Course Description

The marathon course travels down Hwy 191 from Blanding to Bluff, Utah without deviation -- it is a straight shot south out of Blanding all the way to Bluff. Hwy 191 is a lightly traveled highway and runners will run on the eight foot wide shoulder of the highway heading against traffic. Traffic will be alerted to the race by electronic message boards, local law enforcement, aid station volunteers and traffic cones. This is an open course for traffic. There is a seven hour time limit for the marathon.

Marathon Course Map:

***Elevation drop: Blanding (6088 ft) to Bluff (4440 ft) - roughly a 1600 foot decent. Miles 15-22 have rolling hills that don't show up very well on the elevation map. See the additional document for a better idea of what to expect on this section.

Miles 15-22


The half marathon course begins at mile 14.5 of the marathon at the junction of Highways 191 and 262, just south of White Mesa, Utah. The elevation at the start is just under 5000 feet; the finish line sits at 4440 feet. Half-marathoners will begin running 1/2 mile east on Highway 262 which will be closed to traffic. Runners will then return to Highway 191 one mile into their race and proceed south using the shoulder of Highway 191. There will be one more half-mile out-and-back at mile 3.3 of the half-marathon on a gravel county road (CR 247). After that, the half marathon course rejoins Highway 191 the rest of the way to Bluff. The half-marathon out-and-backs will be very well marked with volunteers stationed there to point the way. Miles 2-8 consist of rolling hills. Please see the above link “Miles 15-22” for a review of this section.

Half-Marathon Course Map: